Saturday, August 25, 2007

Soldiers' Angels: Getting Educated On the Needs of Our Soldiers

I found the next few videos interesting as they showed information that would be helpful to Soldiers' Angels and others supporting our troops in determining what sort of needs we might need to meet now and in the future.

These first videos are a two part series on amputees at Walter Reed and how they are improving technology as well as how physical therapy is used to manage their condition and bring normalcy back to their lives.

Amputees Walter Reed: choosing the right equipment

Amputees Walter Reed Part II: No regrets

This next video talks about the importance of sunscreen for our soldiers and choosing the right kind including what to look for on the bottle and how long it actually lasts. Even the best sunscreen only has about a two hour window then needs to be re-applied. That is something that we should be informing our soldiers about when we send them the sunscreen.

Sun Screen for Your Soldier

- May no soldier go unloved