Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soldiers' Angels VFW Convention

Soldiers' Angels Kansas City is at the VFW Convention at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Missouri. We've set up a booth and are spreading the word to many VFW members about our organization. We have even been fortunate to meet some of the great people from Landstuhl, Germany who were excited to see us and talk about our efforts to provide First Response Back Packs and other items for the wounded.

We also met the Major Christian from America Supports You. Actually, he told us "I work at the Puzzle Palace (the Pentagon) call me if you need anything." We'll be taking him up on the that offer.

We met many veterans of all conflicts since World War II as well as children, wives and husbands in the Auxiliary. There was a recurring theme among the veterans: Our troops need our support; we will not let Vietnam happen again.

All of these folks have been fantastic and very generous with our organization. The red, white and blue Angel t-shirts were the most popular.

One gentleman showed us the "pocket Angel" that his children gave him and he has been carrying for twenties years, including through Desert Storm. He said that it could never be replaced because of its special meaning as a gift from his children, but he did purchase a Soldiers' Angels Pocket Angel to give to his wife.

We got a chance to interview several vets about their time in service and how much support from home meant to them. Those interviews will be up shortly. We also got to hear Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain on Monday. Tuesday is Obama Barak and Fred Thompson and on Wednesday we will get to see the President.

Soldiers' Angels will be at the Convention through Wednesday afternoon. We are having a wonderful time and hope to meet many more of our wonderful veterans and thank them for their service.

- May no soldier go unloved