Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Soldiers' Angels: K-9 Team Supports Man and Dog

One of the many things that Soldiers' Angels does is to match up people to service members that often share a passion. One of these special "teams" of Angel supporters is the "K-9 Team" that supports our military "K-9 Teams" in the field.

A service "K-9 Team" consists of a service member and his/her dog. These dogs are highly trained to search out and identify explosives. IEDs (improvised explosive devices), VBIEDs (vehicle bound improvised explosive devices) and Suicide bombs are the most deadly weapons against our troops in the field and on their bases. Over 65% of all troops wounded or killed in Iraq are the result of IEDs or VBIEDs.

That is one reason that these K-9 Teams are so important to our deployed troops. These teams also go on patrol, assist in taking down suspected insurgents/terrorists, and guard the gates to bases. They are an extremely important part of the defense system.

Soldiers' Angels supports these teams through a variety of methods, both conventional and unconventional including letter writing and care packages. Of course, the Angel "K-9 Team" provides care packages and support for the K-9s, too. An Angel will likely send treats, toys, flea colors and treatments, as well as other grooming and care needs that the dog may have and is not readily available on a FOB (Forward Operating Base) or from the PX (military base store) if the base has one at all.

There are special restrictions on what can be sent. Because Iraq and Afghanistan are Muslim nations, no pork products can be sent. Pork is not allowed to be eaten, touched or otherwise used in the Islamic faith. Because both Afghanistan and Iraq are considered Sovereign states and the US is there by invitation, our military honors the tenets and laws of the nation and people.

Thus, Angels go out of their way to make sure that the K-9s and their handlers get the kind of support they need.

One of the K-9 Teams Angels support was mentioned in the above article. "Chuck and Gabe" send us updates and messages of thanks for sending love and support to both members of the team.

One such team, Maurice and Sam, had a big find of fire arms and other weapons. Maurice sent Soldiers' Angels a picture titled, "SAM SAVES THE DAY".

The K-9s are referred to as "MWDs" or Modern Warfare Dogs. The types of treats they may get include rawhide bones, beef, tuna or chicken jerky, chew toys and anything else a dog might enjoy. The K-9s are not only important as war fighters or tools in this dangerous battlefield, but they become room mates and best friends with their handlers. As one recent K-9 team blogger wrote, "he listens to me when I'm down, never complains, is always there through every danger and never lets me down."

Some of the other wonderful K-9 Teams that Soldiers' Angels supports:

Rob and MWD Jecky

"Red" and MWD Caro

Rich and MWD Arko

The K-9s of Camp Victory

If you love dogs and would like to support a K-9 Team, please join us at Soldiers' Angels where our motto is, "May NO SOLDIER go unloved". That includes the dog faced ones ;)

- May no soldier go unloved