Monday, July 09, 2007

Soldiers' Angels Kansas City 4th of July: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Well, I wanted to put up the video for the fourth of July as soon as possible with a little story and pictures, but when I realized that Cpl Green was going to be leaving in a week for Camp Pendleton and then off to Iraq in August, I knew that video had to get done first so I could send it to them as soon as possible.

So, here we are, five days later, and I still don't have the video done from our two 4th of July events. That's right. You read that correctly. Soldiers' Angels know that our troops do not get a holiday, so we didn't take one either. On 4th of July we hit the Parkville, MO annual 4th of July parade and then ended up at Community America Stadium where the Kansas City Royals Minor League team, the T-Bones, asked us to carry on the flags of the United States.

I really can't say enough about our great Angels here in Kansas City who are stepping forward to participate in these events. There are so many men and women in our military who need our support, but only so many Angels to go around. Thus, the best way to help these men and women is to go out and tell more people about Soldiers' Angels and how to participate in actually providing our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines with tangible support.

Both experiences were wonderful and our Angels were, too!

This is Abby and her husband Brian. Abby is a new Soldiers' Angel and Brian is in the National Guard. This is her first event and we appreciate both of them coming out and supporting Soldiers' Angels at the 4th of July Parade

Robyn and her husband also joined us for the parade. This is Robyn's second event. She was with us for Operations Aces High. She found Soldiers' Angels through our local website talking about our events. We are very happy that she found us! They were great during the parade and, thankfully, they had a big car so that we could ride back "up the hill" to our cars at the end of the parade. Otherwise, it would have been a long, hard climb in the heat.

Robyn brought her friend Ruth, wearing one of our Operation Aces High t-shirts. Robyn and Ruth did yeoman's work handing out cards to the crowd and telling them about Soldiers' Angels. All while trying to keep up with the parade which was moving down hill (literally) very rapidly. We gave out approximately 200 cards to the audience.

Why are you seeing a picture of the American Legion Color Guard? Because these folks have become some great supporters of Soldiers' Angels in the Parkville area. First, they invited us to the Rally in the Alley that was a rip roaring success. Then they provided us with this great spot in the parade. We were second in line behind the American Legion.

The audience was wonderful. We had great responses as we walked through the parade route. Usually, the big applause is for the military that marches with us. We didn't have any this time, just Angels and our banner. We could hear people reading the banner. Once they figured out what we did, they were applauding very nicely.

Of course, I have video of the crowd sending well wishes to our troops. That will be coming shortly and sent out to our men and women serving in various locations.

Here are a few other pictures of the parade entries:

Well, as that old song goes: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! They don't call us the BBQ capitol of the world for nothing! Kansas City Soldiers' Angels was cookin' on the 4th of July.

On the evening of the 4th, we were invited to walk on the field for the KC T-Bones v. Winnepeg Goldeneyes along with the Patriot Guard Riders for the T-Bones Military Appreciation Night. Once again, we were announced to an audience of the thousands as we carried out the flags of our states. What a super event!

The KC T-Bones are the minor league team for the KC Royals. The Royals are just a great organization and we love these activities because it really lets people know that there is an organization where they can translate their support meaningful actions.

I have to say, before we went into the stadium, I got a big surprise when one of the Patriot Guard Riders I hadn't met yet tapped me on my shoulder and asked, "You're Soldiers' Angels?" and before I could answer he gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you all for what you are doing!" I could barely focus the camera after that!

Here's our very own Julie O. handing out cards and information to American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard and anyone else who hadn't heard of our organization. Everyone took the cards, but it was the Angel pins that were the most requested. Patriot Guard and American Legion Riders all want to wear a Soldiers' Angel pin. I think we can start auctioning those off! They're like gold!

Here is Julie giving a Soldiers' Angels pocket Angel to the oldest surviving member of the last unit of Buffalo Soldiers. He threw out the first pitch at the KC Royals on June 16 and at the KC T-Bones on the 4th.

Here are some Angels and Riders with the Marine Color Guard before the game began. The Marines looked very spiffy in their uniforms and didn't even crack a smile. They trained them well! Right up until Julie handed them some thank you cards. Then they cracked a small smile. Only Angels can crack a United States Marine!

Here's the view from center field as we stood during the American Anthem and the US Marine Corp presented the colors. Tom "Wingman" from the PGR played the National Anthem on his trumpet from somewhere up in the boxes. He did a great job. Of course, the Angels and the PGR were announced to the audience of over 5000. Not bad for a game that started out rainy.

Then the KC T-bones mascot came up into the stands with a camouflage uniform on and many hugs and photos with the kids. Sadly, I was too busy taking photos to get a hug from the best piece of beef steak north of the Mason Dixon.

The evening ended with a bang to some great American Music.

I hope your Independence day was as great as ours! If you missed these events and really want to participate, we have some really wonderful activities coming up. Make sure you watch this site and our left side bar under Scheduled Events and Fund Raisers to find out what and when.


- May no soldier go unloved