Monday, July 09, 2007

Welcome Home USMC Cpl Green

Soldiers' Angels Kansas City has been very busy these last few weeks. On July 7, 2007, we participated in the welcome home mission with the Patriot Guard and American Legion Riders for Cpl John Green of the United States Marine Corps.

John's mother belongs to the American Legion and so do her two boys, Cpl John Green and LCpl Stephen Green. She asked for this special welcome home for a good reason. This is a part of her letter to all of the riders and Soldiers' Angels:

7 July 2007, Saturday 5:45pm

Dear American Legion Riders:

Thanks for everyone, including Soldier’s Angels and all who welcomed our son, U.S. Marine Corporal John A. Green home from a 2-year overseas deployment.

Cpl. Green is now on his pre-Iraq leave for about a week, then deploys to Iraq in August 2007.[snip]

Thanks for everything that made the day memorable and will encourage him as he soon deploys for Iraq. He was been overseas on a 2-years, and sent to Camp Pendleton is turning around and going immediately on a deployment to Iraq with no dwell time. Your welcome gave him motivation and encouragement as he deploys to Iraq in the searing summer heat.

And we were glad to supply that motivation.

Now, here is a little motivation for you to start your Monday off and reminding you that there is a lot of great fun, joy and pride to be had when you are a Soldiers' Angel.

His mother wrote a little more:

Cpl. Green thought the escort from KCI Airport was awesome and was so impressed that as we were driving home with the escort in front and back, he said, to us, “Are you sure they don’t think I earned the Medal of Honor with this welcome?” We told him, no, they were not mistaken; they were doing this for him![snip]

Cpl. Green’s brother, Lance Corporal Stephen Green is also a Marine, now deployed to Okinawa, Japan, and he is taking a week’s leave and returns home to KC Mon. 7-9-07 to
see his brother before Cpl. John Green leaves for Iraq.[snip]

Thanks again, our troops really need the support. Keep all the troops in your prayers, and pray for Cpl. Green as he deploys to Iraq. He left for recruit training right after he graduated from Bishop Miege in 2004 and has been overseas ever since on deployments, so it is special that he is able to return home, but bittersweet in that in a short time he will be on combat patrols in Iraq. We were very glad you got to see him in between deployments. It is special to him and all of his family. We wish his brother Stephen could have seen it, but his leave does not start until Monday July 9^th . We will show him the DVD when the lady from Soldier’s Angels sends it.

It really means a lot that you all care and took time out of your Saturday to show up and greet this returning Marine. He did not know you were coming, and it was planned with true efficiency by your group on short notice, and in our opinion went flawlessly.[snip]

Sincerely, and with kindest regards.

Mr. and Mrs. Green

Yes, I am the lady with the camera and the two copies of the video are being delivered tomorrow so that Cpl Green can take one with him when he heads to Camp Pendleton and then Iraq.

Of course, we wish him the best of luck and our prayers will be with both Cpl Green and his family.

Semper Fi!

- May no soldier go unloved