Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally, Snake Saturday Video

For those of you "jonesing" for a, "We Support You" video.

Before I post, I want to tell you that I have enough video to make two or three feature length movies. However, there are limitations to basic computer top publishing so our first "movie" from Snake Saturday is approximately 10 minutes long when viewed together. I may still post some outtakes and other interesting footage.

If you did not make it into this video, don't worry, there is more to come. Some of the Angels and other supporters may not appear because the wind and the bands warming up in the background made the video inaudible. Others is because I simply did not have enough space to include it.

As for "You Tube", it too has its limitations so you will see our lovely video broken into five parts below. All together, it is just 10 minutes, but I hope you will enjoy all of it. The final, final version may have a little more tweaking since CDs are more forgiving in space and download time.

Don't forget, if you click on the "share" button on the bottom right hand corner, you will get an email address that you can put in your emails to friends, family and, most of all, the troops.

I will be burning CDs for those that want one. You can send me an email with your address at kehenry1-at-hotmail-dot-com. If you live outside the Kansas City area, I would like to make a suggestion: send my a copy of a receipt, dated today forward, for a five dollar donation to Soldiers' Angels and I will mail you the CD or send it directly to a soldier, sailor, airman, marine or coastguard that you are supporting (provided you provide me with an APO). Delivery time will depend on the number of requests and rate of speed for burning.

Of course, if your soldier, etc has internet connection, you can just send him a link to this post or an email.

In the meantime, please enjoy.

- May no soldier go unloved