Thursday, April 12, 2007

From the Forums: Serving our Troops Past and Present

A Message from Captain Jason in Iraq

My unofficial, Captain Jason (proud roommate of YN#2), sent me a stack of magazines that are produced by their group at COB Speicher and distributed amongst the soldiers and, I believe, sent to families.

They are fascinating reading (though my head is spinning from some of the military terms), especially if you really don't understand what daily life is like over there for a soldier.

Anyway, I sent Jason a note last night to let him know I received them. I told him we watched the President's speech and that at this point, I don't know what to think.

Here is his reply:

We all had to watch the speech today. While it may help those folks in Baghdad and then eventually the rest of Iraq I think we will be the bill payers for the limited DoD assets available in the theater of operations.

I do hope the magazines I sent help paint a better picture of what it is like over here. Please understand. Sometimes unpleasant things happen.
That's life. But we are doing so much for so many and sometimes it feels no one but us knows. We are not looking for accolades or recognition just ....I don't know what. Maybe some self-assurance that the county we proudly represent is even remotely aware.

Please share the below address with any and all you think might make use of it. The From the Troops For the Troops tabs are worthwhile.

Thank you to a great organization

dear kimberly, i would like to say thanks so much for ur letter of support, it meant allot more than one would know. i think u r a part of a great organization that does wonderful things for soldiers out here. let me be the one to say thank u for showing soldiers that the country they fight for has people who care for them. i wish u the best and once more thank u for ur support.

Serving Our Veterans in Waco, TX

Soldiers' Angels Texas: Just wanted to share some of the wonderful experiences we had on Easter Sunday at the Waco VA. We did not have as large a turnout as planned due to the unexpected snow on Saturday & it was too cold for the nursing home residents to attend. But we had so much fun meeting the VA recreation therapy staff. They made us feel so welcome. My co-worker Joey & her husband attended, along with my husband Phil. Joey owns a bakery & donated a large Easter sheet cake, a chocolate cake, decorated Easter cupcakes, and an Angel Food cake for the diabetics. Angel Louella generously donated 2 flat rate boxes full of indivually wrapped Easter candy which also included sugar free candy for the diabetics. Thank you Louella - the vets LOVED the candy!! It was one of their favorite things![snip]

We had 5 vets from the Blind Rehab unit attend the Bingo party. I fell in love with those guys! There was a young man in their group who had served in Iraq. You could see some scars on his head & on his temple. He was so nice and loved to smile at the WWII veterans's antics during the Bingo game. They seem to have taken the young vet under their wings. Two of them kept asking the time because they did not want to be late for mass.[snip]

One of the blind WWII vets I was helping started getting excited when he was getting closer to winning the blackout. He kept telling the other vets in his group that he sure wanted to win that Easter basket so he could share the candy and snacks with them. He said it over and over to them. He was so disappointed when he didn't win either of the Easter baskets. So I told him, "I really was hoping you were going to win one of those Easter baskets. It was so exciting that you were so close to winning. But you know what? I have combined the snacks that were left in the 2 baskets on your table into one basket - it is filled to the brim with goodies - and I would love for you to have it to share with your friends." He said, "You mean I can take it with me? Thank you lady. You really have been an angel to me." I was glad he and the others couldn't see the tears in my eyes.

I was surprised at the number of young vets who attended our Bingo party. They are some of the guys suffering from PTSD. As a group of 3 of them were leaving, one of them came up to me and very quietly said thank you for Soldiers' Angels giving them the party. I told him it was our honor and we want to thank him and the others for their service to our country. He just smiled.

Soldiers' Angels supports our serving men and women, past and present.

- May no soldier go unloved