Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Letters from the Fallen II

In a previous series, Letters from the Fallen, Newsweek brought us the story of a Soldiers' Angels Fallen Hero, Major Michael Mundell and many others.

The second series brings equally compelling letters.

2nd Lt Johnny Craver

As I write this I think of you and know that if you do get this letter, you will grieve and wonder why. Don't grieve mom, be proud of me and hold your head up and tell everyone how much your son loved you and is going to miss his mom. Lie down at night and look up at heaven and tell me how your day was. I was an American Soldier and you molded me to be a proud one.

I will be waiting on you. So don't be sad Mom, I have died doing what I wanted to do. I died a Ranger!

Marine Staff Sgt Anthony Goodwin

Finally was able to open the card you sent. I thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you and dad both upon my return. I am glad to know that although my career path is at times difficult for you to endure, you understand and support my unwavering duty and dedication. I have chosen a rough path to say the least and it demands great sacrifices from all those involved. Remember, with great pride, that there are not many who are willing to give so selflessly, and those who do are needed and truly deserving.

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- May no soldier go unloved