Monday, April 02, 2007

Kansas City Soldiers' Angels: Monthly Meeting April 7

Don't forget about our monthly Soldiers' Angels meeting on Saturday, April 7 at the American Legion at 7500 W 75th St in Overland Park (just west of Metcalfe) starting at 1:00pm. Snacks will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase at the Legion.

This meeting will be followed directly by the Operation Aces High Poker Run meeting with the American Legion Riders. The funds for this Poker Run are slated to be used to provide First Response Backpacks for our wounded troops.

We want to make this a big success. Another round of videos will be recorded and provided for anyone that wants it, free of cost.

On top of that, coming to Angel meetings are a great way to meet wonderful, talented, like minded folks who know how to get things done.

[Snake Saturday Parade Video: Just a quick update. The video production had multiple issues that are fortunately resolved as I write this. Multiple problems with size of RAM, new Vista Operating System being uncooperative with some older software (and no software updates available until April 1 - and that is funny in a sad way) and one very large family emergency unfortunately put the timeline for mass release of the video back by over 10 days. However, all things are fixed and the first big wave of videos are leaving Monday AM for those who requested them. Second wave will be out Tuesday. Any additional requests will be handled immediately as all things are resolved. Please have a little more patience if you have not received the video yet. Thank you, Kathleen]

- May no soldier go unloved
Soldiers' Angels