Monday, June 25, 2007

Belton Community Days: Soldiers' Angels - Hoo-ah!

I know, you are waiting patiently for the story and video of our Belton Community Days Parade. It was hot. It was muggy. We walked our legs off and handed out a lot of information to the audience about Soldiers' Angels.

No, that is not all of the story. I'll have more on Tuesday, but here's a taste of our experience with the Army Recruiters:

Soldiers' Angels Supports Our Troops - Hoo-ah!

Join Soldiers' Angels in supporting our past, present and future troops.

Next Event:

June 30, 2007 3pm to Midnight. Here is a great opportunity for Soldiers' Angels and others who are interested in showing their support for the troops. Parkville, Missouri American Legion Post 318 is hosting the "Rally in the Alley". This rally will raise money for the Legion's "Support the Troops" fund that the Legion regularly uses to donate to organizations supporting the troops including things like paying for postage of large shipments of care packages to the troops, calling cards, veterans needs and many other great support projects.

Soldiers' Angels has been invited to set up a table and take part in the event that will include at least six blue grass bands, lots of food, drinks and fun. We look forward to supporting the Parkville American Legion as they have pledged to support the Angels and our efforts.

We're looking for Angels to help man the booth and tell people about our organization. With a troop surge on and battles raging, we have many troops that need our support. That means we need to let people know how they can provide that support. I'll be there from 2pm (set up) until 8pm (longer if the crowd is good). For more information on volunteering for our event, please email me at:

If you're not a member of Soldiers' Angels, come on down, enjoy the music and show your support for our troops!

- May no soldier go unloved