Saturday, June 30, 2007

Letters From the Front: You Kept Us Going

This is a picture of Army Rangers, "Tough Guys", still holding their Easter Baskets Soldiers' Angels sent to them in Afghanistan.

Soldier's Angels,

My unit and I want to thank you for all your support. Your thoughts and prayers have kept us safe for the last 10 months and are going to see us home safely very shortly.

Keep up the good work. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines as well as all other service members' morale may be uplifted by a single letter. Imagine the power of a care package with special items just for him/her! You guys are helping people cope with the separation by creating a link with our world. God bless all of you for what you are doing. Your support means the world to us and has helped us understand that our time away from home hasn't been for nothing.

SSG Michelle

People often ask deploying Airmen, "What can I do to help?"

Most Airmen say, "Nothing. We're fine."

Asking for things is hard, and we can get almost everything we need at the base exchange.

It's not until I get a package from a loved one that I realize how much these little pieces of home really mean to me. Often I don't know that I'm missing Gummi Bears until they come in the mail, looking battle hardened from traveling halfway around the world.

Sometimes just a short, quick card can brighten my outlook. And every once in a while, you hit the jackpot. After a long, tough day, there's nothing like returning to your workspace and realizing you have a package waiting for you on your desk. It's almost like Christmas.

Packages are great. Gifts and candy are always shared with others. In fact, co-workers and hut mates often get excited for each other when we get mail and many times we'll be on the lookout for our friends' names while we're at the post office.

Regardless of how odd the gift may be, it's important because it tells me people are thinking of me while life continues to go on at our home station. My favorite package to date was the one I received from my office back in the states. They sent me a couple of our base's newspapers, and it was really fun catching up on the goings on at F. E. Warren Air Force Base.

I don't mean to knock e-mails. They have their positive points: They are instantaneous, easy and free. But in my opinion they don't make up for being able to hold a letter in your hand. Knowing someone took the time out of their busy day to write down their thoughts and let you know they were thinking about you. It's just a good feeling.

Now I know this is a two-way street, and I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I don't normally write many letters, but since I've been here I've written 15 letters. Most of the time I just tell people what my day is like. It may not seem that exciting to me, but for people back home it gives them a window into our lives. My goal is to write a letter to everyone in my address book before I leave Bagram Air Base. It's a lofty goal for a writing-challenged person, but one that is completely possible.

Recently I saw a quote from an unknown author and it really hit home. It said, "What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human handclasp." When you think about it that way, how can you not write a letter?

I got an email from Reed today titled "WOW". I wanted to share this with all of you because without YOU this wouldn't have been possible.

"That is the coolest thing that I have received period.
The thought and time put into it is amazing. I really
don't know what to say. Thank you so much. That is a

Thanks to all the Angels that made this possible!

Soldiers' Angels Europe: A Letter From Around the World

When I picked up the mail at the office I was surprised. As always many letters and postcards from the US. And as always many of the same die hard Angels like Angel Louella from Texas, or Angel Toni from Belleville, Mi or Angel Carol from Riverside, IA. All these Angels send a lot of letters and postcards. But this time there also was a letter from Hong Kong for the British Troops. That really was a surprise because that means that the Troops truly have support from all over the world.

Who ever wrote that letter, thank you, thank you from heart.

I am sure one of the soldiers is happy to receive it. Your letter goes out with one of the next care packages.

Think of the way this letter made. First it went from Hong Kong to Germany and then it’ll go from Germany to Iraq. Isn’t it amazing?

As I write this, UK security forces, intelligence and police are searching for two or more possible bombers who parked two car bombs in busy London areas. These men must be worried about their families while they continue to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq against the very same people who might one day succeed in harming their families. As allies, they deserve as much support as our own forces who are working hard to defend us. Please support our Coalition Allies. Help a British Soldier have tea time.

A Phone Call Away

Tonight as I was coming home from celebrating my birthday I got a surprise call from a soldier that I wrote to a couple weeks ago. We talked for about 20 minutes and he could not thank me enough for being a part of "The Angels". He said that the soldiers don't always see the good of what they are doing there and it means to world to get a letter from the states telling them that they are important and that we care about them and support them. It was a tear jerker conversation at times and I could tell he didn't really want to hang up but his phone time was up.

It never ceases to amaze me that soldiers feel the need to thank us when they are the ones putting themselves on the line each second of the day. I am so proud to be a part of Soldier's Angels and so proud of our men and women serving our country. This truly was a wonderful birthday

Spiritual Warfare

Our Mission is really over accomplished! What fun! There is no doubt Chaplain Theresa will have enough Rosaries for quite a while. With the numbers still promised to be shipped along with those we've all shipped already, she should have about 1,200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!

Sincerest Thank You's to all the Angels who helped with this Mission, it was quite wonderful and heartwarming (and fun as well). We couldn't have done it with out all of you and your incredible contacts!

Huge Hugs,
Tigs Mom (Karen)

I am writing to express my appreciation to all of those who have received my information from this site and sent me letters, packages, and cards in support. I want to let you know that those are what meant the most to me during my time here and I cannot express my gratitude enough for you taking your time out to send those things to me.

Also, I am writing to let you at the site know that I will be leaving in the next month to month and a half, and would like you to remove my information from your site as soon as possible. I say this, because I want everyone to get the notice in time, so that things will still not be arriving here after my departure.

Thank you so much and continue to do the wonderful job of spreading love and encouragement to others who are have taken the oath to protect and defend our wonderful country of the USA.

1stLt Tabitha

Our Medic from Dustoff Salerno In Afghanistan joins us for a quick update in the forums

I just wanted to say whatup to everyone on here. I know that I have been slackin big time on the forum. Its been a busy couple of months thats for sure. The East Khowst Salerno Krew is now operating out of two locations so we have to rotate back and forth weekly so that is partly why I have not been posting on the forum. I will try to do better. Other than that we are all doing great and are still receiving mail left and right from Soldiers Angels all across the states...even Germany! I got a box full of goodies from Germany a couple weeks ago so that was pretty cool.

I have been trying my best to send thanks to everyone as the packages and mail arrives. I know that there are some out there who I havent been able to thank. Here are a few names that I cannot match email addresses that very recently sent me a package. So if anyone can help or if you see your name please let me know.

Bill & Laura from PA
Stewart(last name) from GA

I really want to send them my thanks.

On another note, everyone out here is staying very busy. I flew over 100 hours these past two months. Probably the busiest I have ever been. Our amazing flight medics are doing great work at saving lives and treating the sick and wounded. We even flew an enemy prisoner yesterday who needed medical care. Our crew cheifs have been doing great work as well keeping our aircraft in top condition for flight and not grounded. As for us Pilots, we always like our aircraft flyable instead of grounded because what good are we if we cant fly! But seriously though, everyone has been working hard and as a team.

Many have started to take their much deserved R&R. Brian and Sean are both on leave right now. I get to take mine in August and luckily I will be able to be there for my sons 1st birthday so I am pretty excited about that!

Well, I just want to say thanks once again to everyone who has continued to support the DUSTOFF crew out here in Afghanland. We appreciate it very much. Talk to you all soon.

Soldiers' Angels Flag Flies From Mt. Shasta

Hello Angels,
Here are several pictures from my climb of Mt Shasta on June 8-10, 2007. I told
myself that my motivation would be to endure all pain like our soldiers are doing overseas right now. However, the conditions were not optimal and it was an extremely difficult feat. We didnot make it to the summit, but made it high enough to feel the accomplishment of climbing a mountain.

As you can see by the photo, the view was spectacular. Thanks to SA for providing the
hat and to the person who coordinated the making of the flag, it turned out great.
As always, keep up the good work. ~ Mike Keegan

Your Support Is Appreciated More Than You Can Ever Know

Hello Angels Angel ,

My name is Dylan XXXXX, I'm in the Army and am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. I've been here for 10 months and have 6 or 7 to go. Throughout my tour I have received various letters and packages from various angels all over the 50 states. Although I haven't had time thus far to contact many of them I'd like to say thank you personally to each and everyone of them, and will do when possible. I have kept everyones letters so I may reply one day when the time presents itself.

In a few days here I will finally be going on leave, so things have slowed down for us to prepare for that, giving me time to join your forum and give my thanks. I would like to thank my current angel who has stayed with me throughout my entire tour thus far. Rachel thank you very much . I am very lucky to have your kind and caring support backing me. (she told me not to, but I'm doing it anyways, ha ha Top Banana )

**Although you might be getting all kinds of crazy ideas running through your heads, I urge you not to try and send me anything because I have thanked you or joined the forum. I would much rather you used them to tend to soldiers in greater need then I.**

Again thank you very much to all the angels for your support and caring. it is appreciated more then you can know .


I wanted to send a thank you to “Solder’ Angels” for a steel coffee cup.
I guess I should start over and explain this note [Sorry been deployed to long].
In 05 I was in Bagdad and then to Afghanistan in 06 and I am still going here in Afghanistan till the spring of next year.

A couple weeks ago our truck got a blast from a bomb, by GOD GRACE NO ONE WAS KILLED. But me and one of my other Sergeant had to go to the Med station to be check out. Nothing significant wrong with either of us, so back to work but some gave me a cup from your outfit with some coffee – I swear that “Angel” on the side of the cup was the greatest thing after a “bad day at the office”. I am back at my FOB and I can’t find the cup but the thought some one cares enough to send those cups sure made this old Sergeant Day. Thank You from one Infantry Sergeant here in Afghanistan.
SSG Charles

Your service is extraordinarily valuable

On a recent visit to one of our battle positions, I was intrigued by the number of fans inside the berthing area. I was quickly informed of the origin of the fans from several of the Marines. When I relayed this story of kindness I kept hearing more and more things that had been done by you and the Soldier’s Angels. It seems you have quite the following of people you have touched within the battalion, especially in the Communications Platoon.

I am proud to be from a country that has caring and compassionate people like you. Your service is extraordinarily valuable and as I’m sure you have heard, it is greatly appreciated by everyone you touch through your gifts.
Thanks again and God Bless each and every one of the fine folks in your organization.

Semper Fi,

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