Friday, June 15, 2007

Letters From the Front: Thank You for Your Support

To Everyone at Soldiers' Angels,
Thank you very much. All of you at Soldiers' Angels are amazing. I really don't know what else to say except thank you. I first received your help when I was medevaced to Germany. It seemed that every time I turned a corner you were there. From the time I got to the CSH and throughout my stay in Germany. So many things donated by all of you helped me out in transit and during my time at Germany. One thing that I got, I carry it with me everywhere I go, is your gold pin. I have attached a picture of me and the pin while out on a 2 day sniper mission.

Thank you all.

So finally one of my unofficials decided to take pictures and he was adorable in taking one with what he said was "not even half" of the mail he got from a recent TLC. I asked if I could post this cause it was just too sweet.

I just wanted to share with all of you that just today I received my first free mail from my unofficial in the 10th Mountain Dvision! I know how we all LOVE these guys, and I wanted to share his letter with all of you.

He said they hardly ever get any time to themselves, they are out on patrol all the time, and their patrol has been hit with
33 roadside bombs since they arrived in the country.....and one of those took 2 of his friends. Then, he went on to say:

"And, I'm sure by now you have heard about the tragedy
that happened to us in our company. We lost 5 more
guys and 3 went missing. One was finally found, he
was one of my best friends. It's times like this that
when we are down and it seems like we can't get up,
there is always people like you and the Soldiers'
Angels who support us so much that there is no words
to say how much we appreciate your efforts on making
our deployment go by so much better and comfortable."

Oh my, oh my, oh my.......I had tears in my eyes and my hand over my heart when I read his letter. What these special, extraordinary men are going through. And, how much they appreciate all we are doing for them. Keep up the great work angels......they truly need us.

I am so very proud of what we do.......together. This letter just says it all.


I received a letter from Adam today. Our DUSTOFF Medic. Smile

"Everything is going alright for us out here. Soldiers' Angels has really been great to all of us. I just can't believe how much mqil pours in from all the Angels from all over the country. So thank you for your part in it.

Like I have said before, we have been extremely busy and it has definitely cut into my online time. I have not had the time to get onto the forum lately. I have been trying to reply to all the emails that the SA have been sending me and sending out thank you emails to all those who take the time to send us packages and letters. I am way behind on all that though so I am slowly trying to catch up. I just don't want people to think we didn't get something or aren't grateful because we are very appreciative of everything!

Sorry to make this so short but I need to get this out in the mail along with some other mail. Thank you again for everything you have done for us Carol. It really means a lot to all of us here in 4th Platoon."

So, if you don't here from Adam, Brain, Sean or the other guys, please know they love and apprecaite us all!

Hey there everyone,
It has been awhile since I sent out an email. I am still in --- District in Afghanistan. We have been building away and have 4 B Huts, 2 Guard Towers under our belt. My guys have been receiving your packages and really appreciate everything. They always run to the LT's area whenever she gets a package because they know that they are going to be in luck. Thank yo uso much again. We are getting a new Company Commander so there is a lot of inventories that need to take place so I will be moving around a bit which will make the time fly by. Other than that though everything is going well, the guys are building like crazy and it's summer. The weather right now has been inthe 90s everyday so that tends to affect people a bit. But overall we really enjoy this area and we are continuing to build.. Well I hope to hear from you all soon!! And thanks again for all the support, we all really appreciate it!


Thank you so much for the packages your orginization puts together and sends out. I know some teams that have recieved packages from the soldiers Angels group and they where very pleased with the contence. I know alot of poeple take for granted the things they recieve from people like you but i just wanted to say thank you for those who dont have time to do so.
Joe and Buco

In response to "O'er the Land of the Free"

Do you know that our close ally the Brits don't fly their flag from
their homes? I had an exchange soldier with me from Britain (than I went
there and trained with the Brits) and he was amazed that we display our
flag so proudly. They just don't do it there because if they did the
Irish would target their home. Amazing huh? Sure makes you proud to be
an American.

Thanks for the letter, very nice and moving.

HHC 1st BCT 34th ID


Thank you for sharing. My wish is that all would understand the real
significance of our "AMERICA"




Senior Project Manager
Security & Justice

Angel Power on the Homefront

I go to Taco Bell to grab some lunch and as I'm looking at the back of the truck in front of me, I see Marine Corps emblems and license plate frame. AHA, says I - I'll buy his lunch! (I hope there's not 5 people in that car...) Someone else on here had done this and I thought it was a great idea.

As he pulls up, I can see it's only one guy. I tell the person on the ordering intercom that I want to pay for his lunch.

He pulls up to the window and I can see that he is not handing them any money - then he's looking in his mirrors to see if he knows the person behind him, I guess. Finally he gets his food and pulls away, but stops just a few feet ahead of me.

A Marine in uniform (khaki shirt, blue pants) gets out and comes back with his hand oustretched and says Thank you. I said "I just wanted to thank you for your service" and he says, no thank you!

The smile on his face totally made my day!


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- May no soldier go unloved