Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's Letters From the Front:

Thank You for Your Support

Greetings From Baghdad

Hello, greetings from Baghdad, Iraq. I just want to thank those angels assigned to me, who have wrote me a letter or sent me a card, I appreciate your love and support, and it's an honour and privilage to serve this great nation we live in, and fight for our freedoms. I also appreciate your prayers too. I know I have seen your mail going out to many of our troops, thank you so much, we love all of that love and support we're getting from you angels, it really boosts our morale, when we receive some love from people back home, and it makes our jobs easier knowing we are being supported by our people back home in America, people like you, I've said it before and I say it again, Thank You Soldiers Angels, we the soldier love and appreciate you too.
I just finished writing and addressing Iraqi post cards, and I wanted to let you know that I'm well and staying safe.
Sincerely, SSG Marvin

Hello from Iraq,

First I would like to thank you for all that you do, we apreciate it greatly. The soakers were a great ideal we had a couple of soldiers who couldnt wait to have a water fight. Thanks for all the small packages they worked out really well. Everyone got what they need and then some. I hope you all know how much you are appreciated by us for taking care of our troops. Once again thank you and God bless.


An Angel To Watch Over Me

Mr Bader,
My name is SGT Shamar I'm a friend of Mr Olivas. Thank you so much for everything you have sent me. All your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. Last week I started wearing my Soldiers Angel pin on my bullet proof vest and trust me it protected me. I was out on a routine convoy that was hit by an IED. I think my Angels has something to do with no one sustaining any injuries during the blast. Well I have to go because there are other soldiers waiting for this computer but in closing THANK YOU!
SGT Shamar

First Response Back Packs

Hello and thank you for your support.

I recently received some backpacks full of goodies for our soldiers. As the nurse in charge of the intensive care unit, my nurses and I see quite a few patients come through our unit. You should feel great about the support that you give. The back packs are great for the injured soldiers, and they are great for the nurses to have something to give. The back packs are a big hit with everyone.

Your note mentioned that we could email a wish list. This request is for the hospital staff so if you have other priorities, please take care of those first. These are all "nice to have" things. -Snack foods that are "healthy". We receive lots of cookies, but I have quite a few health conscious people that prefer to eat healthier snacks.
Anything from tuna snack packs to trail mix and anything in between. -Room deodorizers. Anything that makes it smell better except for aerosolized cans, plug-ins or things you need to light (i.e. candles). The gel containers work well. We use them in the bathrooms, hospital units and sleeping quarters. -Drink mixes. Any of the sugar-free mixes to make the water taste better would be great. It's so hot that we drink LOTS of water.

From all of us here at the hospital in Baghdad....THANK YOU! We all appreciate your support!

Head Nurse ICU1
28th Combat Support Hospital
Baghdad, Iraq

Soldiers' Angels Kansas City raised money to send over 70 backpacks to our wounded!

British Troops Love Our Support

(British Sailor) Hope you don't mind me emailing you, we received your letter and I was quite touched as it's true we don't receive much mail like that from our fellow britains!!

Comments/Question:: Hello,
I am a british solder currentlly serving in Iraq along side U.S. troops. A group of us recived a letter from a Sharon XXXX email address: XXXXXX. On behalf of all of us and others that will recive this letter at some point in the future Id like to say thank you so, so much for your support from the U.S. public and Sharon. I did try and submit my self as a solder on your site but I see you only deal with US Military. I think its an amazing thing you all do and it keeps us all going through the hard times and reminds us that people like you are supporting us from back home. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of out hearts. Dave. XXX

Don't worry! There is a way to support our allies through Soldiers' Angels Europe

These guys are hungry for mail and support.

Birthday Greetings from Angels

Thanks to all the angels who sent a birthday to Stephen, he just email me a message of thanks

"Anyways, it really did mean a lot to me and it made me feel like I was home again. I was shocked as well with the amount of letters that were in the box. I think it will take me the rest of the deployment to write back to all those people, but if they were kind enough to write me I am going to try and write them back."

To all of the angels who sent my un official Doug a Birthday card Thank You. Here is part of his email...

Thank you very much for the Bday packages. You have spectacular timing. I was floored with the generosity ... The cards from all the folks from Soldiers angels were very nice and very uplifting. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support ...

Thank YOU very, very much!

Hello again Stephanie. My guys wanted to make sure that I told you thank you very much.

On behalf of the the guys THANK YOU VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH!!!

Well everything over here is getting kind of hectic again but like always we'll pull through. Hope you and your family are fine. Oh and I don't usually have too much time on the computer but if you could, would you tell whoever you can at the soldier's angels thank you as well. We really appreciate everything you guys are doing for us, I know I say this every time I write but it's just that we are all so grateful out
here that some times we have nothing else to say but thank you.


"Please Help My Soldiers"

Hello,I am wanting to submit members of my platoon. This is my third deployment over here. I am with the 3rd Infantry Division based out of, GA. Most of the members in my platoon are on their second tour here. Some do not receive any mail besides bills. No matter where you go bills end up following you. I would like to have them receive something other than bills. A little encouragement from home goes a long way. Some are very shy or dont know what to write back. I would like to thank you for all of your support. It goes a long way to know that we have people at home that support us.

Someone submitted my name to soldier's angels. I've been very impressed by the letters and support that I've received. Now I am requesting the assistance of soldiers angels for my company. I am the Executive officer of an Ordinance Company. We have a platoon of medics, cooks, staff, and mechanics. We are currently at 273 soldiers in our company. They work grueling days and are exhausted afterwords and are always looking for something to do. My request is simple. Please help our soldiers by providing something fun and uplifting for them to do. It doesn't necessarily mean purchasing them expensive gifts or videogames. They enjoy other things too like puzzles, crosswords, chess and checkers, card games, ect. Many people will even send over the weekly newspaper crossword puzzle to help keep them occupied. Doing this helps them releave stress and keep their minds off of being homesick. It also effectively helps pass the time.Thanks for all your support! LT V

Dear Angel, I am a transportation platoon leader for 27 outstanding men and women who are from the South Carolina. We just recently deployed to Afghanistan and will be here for 1 year running all transportation missions through most of Afghanistan. The platoon before us recommended this site as they had wonderful support from their angels. We hope to feel the same support! Thank you unconditionally for your support! Anything you can do for us is greatly appreciated.

Veterans Are Grateful for Our Help TOO!

Rec'd this today from the VA in Albuquerque, NM

Hi Twyla, we received some back packs and comfort items and are very grateful. I spoke with one of our social workers yesterday and he is very interested in the back packs and we will use the comfort items for our lodger program. Again, thanks you so much and an official thank you letter will be sent shortly.

Sonja Brown
Chief, Voluntary Service &
Public Affairs Operations
New Mexico VA Health Care System

On Memorial Day I joined the Patriot Guard Riders escorting the bus with the patients from Walter Reed on it to the parade in Gettysburg, Pa.

I got to talk to some of our Fallen Hero's that day. I noticed one had a Soldiers' Angels sweat shirt on. I asked him if he would like a Soldiers' Angels pin to go along with it and he said he already had one.

He told me how the wonderful [and] caring members of Soldiers' Angels have been showing him their support + to honor them he had quite a large tattoo of the Soldiers' Angels logo on his right arm.


Angel Work On the Home Front

I arranged to take pizza, breadsticks, hotwings, and drinks to the Army and Marine Corps recrutiers' offices tonight. So I go pick up all the munchies and load it into my car. I drive up the recruiting station and park. I grab everything and start walking into the office and out comes a Marine recruiter to help. We set everything down and start talking and I tell them about SA. I divided up the food and run over to the Army recruiters. When I walked in, they all just smiled and said hello. I arrange the food on the table for everyone to help themselves and introduce myself and tell them about SA. During the two hours that I was there, i walk back and forth between the offices and talk to all of the recruiters and hand them pins and coins and shake their hands and tell them thank you for your service. I have to take fliers and business cards up there at a later date, because my printer went on the fritz! I had a really nice time talking to these soldiers and Marines and learned some things about each of them. One shared with me his experiences in Iraq. I walked out of there with a grin from ear to ear because I was able to spread the word about SA and feed some troops!!! It was a very rewarding time.

The Happy Dance

My grandsons are still here staying since their mom is still recovering from her episode back the tail end of May. One of their "duties" as they call it is running down the driveway to "rescue" the mail. My son is glad to turn that "duty" over to them for a few days. LOL After all the birthday cards & PC's he brought home.

Today I hear them both SCREAMING at the top of their lungs..."GRAMMAA, GRAAAMMAAAAA we got MORE free mail!! They delivered 4 free mail envelopes to me. All are from the LWT & all of us are doing the HAPPY DANCE Top Banana Top Banana Top Banana Top Banana all over the house. Sure hope the neighbors aren't watching they will think we have lost our minds.

Keep sending those letters we do make a difference.

Tammy W

Help us support our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Join Soldiers' Angels and you'll discover that feeling of satisfaction that makes Angels do the "happy dance".

- May no soldier go unloved