Monday, June 11, 2007

Keeping Busy Supporting Our Troops

We continue to stay busy supporting our troops. Since the American Legion Riders from Post 370 were so gracious as to assist Soldiers' Angels KC with our poker run last weekend, some angels volunteered to come out and stand post at the stops to hand out cards and water so more of the Legion Riders could participate.

Sunday, June 10, 2007 was Bobo's Breakdown Adventure, named after an American Legion member "Bobo" who is a 17 year member and recently returned from Iraq after serving with the National Guard. Bobo's bike has a history of breaking down on every motorcycle ride the Legion takes. Thus, "Bobo's Breakdown Adventure".

This ride was for "Operation Phone Home", providing calling cards for our troops deployed overseas. This is the first poker run officially held by the American Legion Riders from Post 370. The cards are usually provided to our local Angels to send with care packages. The American Legion continues to raise money for these cards through breakfast every third Sunday of the month and dinner every third Thursday.

The day started out rainy and everyone was concerned about the turn out. But, the weather cooperated and the rain stopped, though it remained largely overcast. The American Legion Posts that provided our stops were fantastic! I was at the last stop in Spring Hill, KS, Post 350 Cole and Smith. This is a relatively small post in a small town, but they had the biggest hearts. Practically the entire auxiliary showed up and stayed with us throughout the four hours we manned the post. There are only eight ladies in the auxillary, but they do the work of 80. These ladies have worked with their community to provide care packages for the troops and support local veterans. They do volunteer work with the Legion to raise money, work with their local high school community volunteer program and many more. They exemplify the legion code of "community service". No wonder they take home the most awards at the annual district ceremonies.

I told them about our organization and they were especially interested in "blankets of hope" since many of their ladies sow. I'm committed to sending them information on our program, some nice thank you notes and some Angel pins.

The Legion adjutant, commander and vice-commander also appeared, providing the water and keeping us company throughout our post. If you have a chance to work with or just talk to these folks, you would understand what a great organization the American Legion is and why they are such wonderful partners with Soldiers' Angels. Larry Mehilic, adjutant, explained that their small post provides assundries and "canteen coupons" for the VA. Since they are in Kansas, their support goes to Leavenworth VA while other local legions might provide for Topeka and Witchita.

God bless these fine folks!

They might be a small American Legion Post, but they have big hearts and true motivating spirit! I think I got an extra dose of motivation just from being with them!

Special thanks to Blanche Fountain, Auxiliary President; Larry (Please excuse me for missing your last name) Commander; Larry Mihelic, Adjutant; Ed Hodge, vice-commander; Christina Hecke, Helen Hecke and Brenda Boydston, Auxiliary for making my stop so wonderful. Not to forget American Legion posts Olathe, Baldwin City and Ottawa.

We had over 30 hands and about 15 raffle items besides the 50/50. The ALR Riders netted appx $2800. That's a lot of calling cards.

Greetings from Post 350 Vice-Commander and Adjutant

Auxiliary ladies who came and kept us company

What light through yonder dust breaks? It is the Star Spangled Banner and the last of the riders come to set the last angel "free".

Apparently, it was very exhausting work for the young folks, though the veteran riders had no problem hanging in and hanging out.

The future of the American Legion is in good hands.

God bless our troops and keep them safe!

- May no soldier go unloved