Sunday, February 18, 2007

Born on the Fourth of July

Reading around the net, I was reminded of a story I had read recently about a young man who chose to serve his country for the best of reasons: to help others.

I don't know how many KC Angels know the story so I am going to post a link to the one written in the LA Times (requires free registration):

A Higher Calling Than Duty

Lt Daily wrote:

One thing is certain, as disagreeable or as confusing as my decision to enter the fray may be, consider what peace vigils against genocide have accomplished lately. Consider that there are 19-year-old soldiers from the Midwest who have never touched a college campus or a protest who have done more to uphold the universal legitimacy of representative government and individual rights by placing themselves between Iraqi voting lines and homicidal religious fanatics. Oftentimes it is less about how clean your actions are and more about how pure your intentions are.

- May no soldier go unloved