Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Six Degrees: Local Connections In Far Away Places

Surfing the Soldiers' Angels Forum, I noted that Soldiers' Angels Europe had thrown a Valentine's Day party at Landstuhl on February 11th.

Going through the pictures I noticed one of a card from Assisteens in North Kansas City.

Here is a young wounded soldier with his Assisteen Blanket:

Soldiers' Angels Europe reported that they gave out over 120 packages and cards.

Just goes to show that, yes, there is only six degrees of separation. With local connections, we can make a very big impact on our serving men and women.

Speaking of that, please note the "six degrees" donation button here and on the side bar. Kevin Bacon is sponsoring a program to match donations to the highest grassroots organization; up to $10k. We can make this happen with just a few dollars from every angel. Please consider donating to the fund (which will go to Soldiers' Angels regardless of matching donations from Six Degrees).

- May no soldier go unloved