Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things To Read and Listen To

It's probably difficult for many to search the internet for stories or information about our soldiers, how they are doing and their current situation.

One of the best places to read to get an overview of events in Iraq and Afghanistan is the Mudville Gazette where Mrs. Greyhawk (wife of active duty Air Force) keeps up an almost daily Dawn Patrol.

Those who are interested in the Walter Reed situation should read Tom the Red Hunter who goes every Friday to the Walter Reed Support the Troops Events. Something special happened this time when the buses were rolling into the Walter Reed driveway.

Then Lt Smash, Iraq Veteran, went to visit friends at the now infamous Mologne House (Building 18) and gives a different perspective. I would caution to say that both aspects of the Mologne House are probably correct. The building is well over 60 years old and, until the two big wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, probably did not have a full compliment of people staying there. Which means, like any other institute, parts were probably not kept up as well as those that were in continuous use.

Now, unfortunately, it is needed and parts are most likely in need of repair. I'll talk more about why Mologne House is such a contradiction this week.

In the meantime, I would also suggest, if you have good speakers or an I-Pod, I suggest that you listen online or download Pundit Review presenting Blackfive's series Someone You Should Know: "Doc" Kirby. Every week, Pundit Review and Blackfive present stories of great heroic men and women serving in our armed forces. Check the archives here (scroll down).

My personal favorites:

Patti Patton-Bader
Raven 42 (Sgt Leigh Ann Hester - First woman to receive silver star for combat action)
Jason Dunham (recent recipient of the Medal of Honor)

Listen to them all if you have a chance.

- May no soldier go unloved