Monday, February 12, 2007

Soldiers' Angels Needs You!

Snake Saturday; Armory Nights

This is a reminder that Tuesday, February 13 6:30pm to 7:30pm, Soldiers' Angels Kansas City will have their first meeting to discuss the design of our Snake Saturday Parade float.

Army NG Armory
7600 Ozark Rd. KC, MO
Near I-435 & Eastwood Trafficway
(near ArrowheadStadium)

For more information, e-mail: Kansas City Soldiers' Angels

What Snake Saturday Can Mean to Soldiers' Angels

The Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City is not the biggest or most televised Irish/St. Patrick Day's parade in the nation. But, for our local Kansas City Soldiers' Angels, it will be very important.

According to the history page:

Held the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day, the parade has also come to be known as the best showcase of not-for-profit organizations in Kansas City .

“That all began a couple of years after we organized Northland Festivals and were still making a committee decision on how to divide up our profits among the many charities in the Northland.” Finn said. “Then someone suggested we invited the organizations to build floats and compete for prize money. That way, we figured it would promote community involvement and help us to help them. Of course, no one walks away a loser when all is said and done, according to Finn.

We try to spread the money around so that almost every not-for-profit that takes part in the parade walks away with money.

There are many prizes for design, organization and spirit. This year, first prize in the Rainbow Division is $7000. The parade grand prize is $10,000. Soldiers' Angels could do a lot with that money. When I participated in the June 2006 drive, approximately $5000 in goods went out in over 50 boxes to troops in Afghanistan and Landstuhl. That was collected almost entirely in one day.

It's not just the money. As noted, we could do a donation drive and collect that much in direct assistance in a day. One of the most important aspects of participating in this parade is the recognition of our organization and the chance to tell other like minded people that there is an organization out there that they can join and participate with, right here in Kansas City, to support our troops.

From personal experience, I know that there are many people who want to do just that, but don't know how. Many people still don't use the internet on a regular basis and that is where Soldiers' Angels has had the strongest impact in networking people and organizations.

However, they say all politics are local and that means that people are most interested in what happens locally, in their city, in their neighborhood. That's where we have a chance to make our impact here in Kansas City. We can connect. And, with the "surge", there hundreds if not thousands of local National Guard and active duty soldiers who will be deploying or who's deployment has been extended that will need our continuing support.

Connecting directly with our local citizens means that we could develop relationships and bring new "Angels" on board to affect the long term needs of our men and women in uniform.

Soldiers' Angels Needs You!

Besides needing to put together the best float possible in a little less than a month in order to "go for the gold", the best way to get the attention of the parade goers is to have a large presence of t-shirt wearing, sign carrying Soldiers' Angels.

Every year, the Snake Saturday Parade has thousands of people lining the parade route. There is a family oriented fair and BBQ Championship directly after the parade. There are many small business, restraunts and bars within walking distance of the parade route.

There is also usually a media presence including most of the local news channels and papers.

There are going to be many great organizations taking part in this parade. To get the attention of the crowd, we need to be a "presence". We need as many Soldiers' Angels (and supporters) as possible to bring awareness to our group and organization.

That's why we need you! to get involved and join us at the parade. Whether you walk with the float or stand in the crowd and cheer, it will be great fun for you and the family with a big plus towards supporting our men and women.

So, come on down, help us out with the float and join us for the parade. I am looking forward to seeing you all and bringing Soldiers' Angels recognition in Kansas City.

Cross referenced at the Castle and The Middle Ground

- May no soldier go unloved