Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Event and Updates

Again, we're continuing with our preparation and planning for several events.

Snake Saturday

Saturday, March 3 will be our paint and paste party for the "pot of gold" and signs. Email me at: kehenry1-AT-hotmail-dot-com for directions.

Wednesday, February 28 4pm we will be painting the big rainbow that goes on our float. We need volunteers for that as well. Email Darice at: dmheishman-AT-yahoo-dot-com.

Poker Run June 3

Don't miss our first clip for our Kansas City Soldiers' Angels Shout Out To the Troops.

Patti left us a message in the comment section of the post in case you missed it.

I love you guys!!

Thanks, Patti, I think the feeling is mutual.

On a separate note, I thought some of you might be interested in our blog stats.

At midnight, February 26, we had 440 "unique" visitors. In otherwords, people logged on to our site 440 times. We had over 550 "page loades". So, not only did they log on to our site, but they looked at other pages 550 times. Today we had over 100 "hits" or people logging on to our site. That's the power of networking.

Some other interesting facts, we have world wide visitors. Today we had visitors from Italy, Paris, France; London, England; Munich Germany and, aside from a previous hit from sea near the equator, two of our most interesting hits:

Taian-changcheng-high-school Taian City Shandong Province
Chinanet Guangdong Province Network

Both of these were "direct hits" which means that there was no "referring URL". THAT means we weren't googled or stumbled across. It means someone (or two) specifically typed in "soldiersangelskc.blogspot.com" to get here. They knew we existed.

I do have a friend from another forum that teaches English to Chinese students, but he is in Taiwan (not mainland where our hits are from). It could be that my friend passed the website on. The best part is that we are not blocked in China. Why is that good? Because China blocks a lot of websites they feel are too "dangerous" to be viewed. We are spreading the news about community support and liberty around the world.

- May no soldier go unloved