Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From the Forums: Angel Power

Anonymous Angel:

My name is SPC Austin . I am in the U.S. Army, and currently stationed in Baghdad Iraq. Four days ago I was on my way home for R&R, and this lady came up to me and handed me a card with $10 for lunch. I think you guys are doing a great thing for us soldiers. Knowing that people still care for us and what we do for a living. That we volunteer to go over and know in the back of our minds that some of us may have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I know that God will bless each and every one of you for doing the outstanding job you do. I want you all to know how appreciative I am to have you by our side in combat.

Thank you,
Your Soldier
Austin B.

My Son Got a Package

I just got to speak to my son online from Baghdad. He mentioned that he got a wonderful package from what we believe to be the Soldier's Angels organization. It was a box full of goodies and an ipod! He said there were SA stickers on everything but no note.

Patti, did you send that? If it did come from you, we can't thank you enough for your generousity. I am so proud to belong to such a great organization.

He told me that all of his friends are jealous and want to know how to sign up. lol I have been telling Rick all along to send his friends your way and he is sure doing it now!!

Thanks so much for looking out for my son,

- May no soldier go unloved