Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Today! Talking With Heroes

This is a reminder that May 4th, 2007 Bob Calvert from Talking with Heroes will be in the Kansas City Area recording his show for Dishnetwork's Altitude Sports.

He'll be featuring live interviews from soldiers currently deployed, people who support our troops locally and many others.

Complete tour information is here.



From Olathe, Kansas

May 4, 2007

6:00pm (CST)

Troop Support Fair

Military Support and Veterans Groups from the Olathe/Kansas City Area
will have Information Tables so that military personnel, their families
and people in the area can see how they help our military and families
in the community. This would be a good opportunity for those attending
this event to get involved with these local groups.

7:00 pm (CST)

Talking with Heroes Talk Show

8:00pm (CST)

Calls begin coming in LIVE from Iraq

The First Hour of This Talk Show will air on our Regular Sunday Night Time On the Internet

May 6, 2007 at 5pm PST

The Second Hour will air on

May 13, 2007 at 5pm PST

On the May 13th program we will have a link to the Call Ins from Iraq so everybody can see them.

Venue Provided By: Indian Creek Community Church

Guests will include:

Teri Louthain whose son is deployed to Baghdad and has been extremely helpful in supporting Soldiers' Angels in Kansas City. We saw Teri recently at the welcome home for 24 Marine and she was instrumental in helping us do the wonderful float for the Snake Saturday Parade.

Gwen Mendenhall

I started participating in The Hugs Project when my brother was deployed a second time to the Middle East. I have always supported our troops and started a program, “Troops for Troops”, that functioned through the Girl Scouts mainly to send cookies and care packages to those deployed.

I helped organize a group in Kansas City for The Hugs Project in May of 2006. From there, the group has made over 1000 cool ties and many care packages, just under a year. The support from other families, and the great support we give to others in need, makes this group one in a million. I am proud to help serve those that serve our country day in and day out.

My name is Berniece Stutzman grandmother to Cpl Joshua A. Mendenhall, Unites States Marine Corp. I found out about KC Hugs through my daughter Gwen Mendenhall. I became involved to help our troops and to show my support.

Marcia Conley, Regional Manager for Kansas and
the Greater Kansas City Area for Soldiers’ Angels.

Marcia and her husband John live in Lenexa, Kansas with their two children Elizabeth and John Patrick.

Marcia has been a member of Soldiers’ Angels since 2004, getting involved after a family friend was deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005. Marcia is a member of the Soldiers’ Angels Adoptions’ Team, the Letter Writing Team, and is a mentor to other angels. Her Regional Manager responsibilities involve assisting local Kansas City Angels with getting more involved on the local level and coordinating activities to promote Soldiers’ Angels and its mission

Barbara and George Nunemacher from VFW 7397

Our organization does much for veterans service, community service, youth development and legislative action. The thing I am most proud of is the adoption by our Post and Auxiliary of three units that were deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Meeting and getting to know these soldiers and their families is an experience I will never forget. These men and women became friends and I thank God that they all came home safely.

Linda Relitz

US Troop Support Foundation

US Troop Support Foundation was started in Jan 2003 by Jeff and Linda Relitz. Their son, a 20 year old Marine, was leaving for Kuwait, and not knowing what would happen. They needed to do something to keep their minds occupied and help their son at the same time. They came up with the idea of adopting their son's unit and sending them all care packages. Starting back then with 187 Marines to send to, and a few friends to help, US Troop Support Foundation began.

Cheyne Worley, Kansas City Chapter President of the Veterans' Information Network

Cheyne Worley is a Gulf War veteran and served as the unit supply sergeant with C Company 5th Battalion 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Cheyne has served as the National Secretary of the NGWRC since April 2004.

Cheyne is the Kansas City Chapter President of the Veterans' Information Network, a veterans' advocacy organization located in Kansas.

Sgt Christopher Surber
US Marines

In March of 2005, I deployed with a great group of gentlemen warriors to the Iraqi town of Fallujah where I began the tour as a vehicle commander. Shortly thereafter I was moved to become a four-vehicle team leader where I spent the majority of our tour until ultimately becoming an eight-vehicle section leader.

During the seven months we spent in country we endured a variety of casualties from shrapnel wounds and unconscious Marines to a broken neck and severed appendages. Luckily for all of us, everyone in our platoon returned home. I lost a friend in another unit and regret not being there but had to realize everyone has their place in war and mine was in Fallujah with our mission.

CPL Joshua Jones, US Marines

CPL Jones very recently returned from Iraq. We will have more information on this returning Marine later this week or possibly even after the talk show itself. We have been told that he has agreed to be one of our guests on this talk show program.

Join Soldies' Angels in telling Kansas City about our great heroes.

- May no soldier go unloved