Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Allies: Angel of Kandahar

RAF metal worker creates 'Angel of Kandahar'

Inspired by the world famous 'Angel of the North' in Gateshead, RAF Corporal Craig Leighton has created his own version at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, using spare aluminium aircraft parts.[snip]

So, assisted by fellow RAF Waddington Senior Aircraftsman Chris Dyke, he saw an opportunity in his 'spare time' in Afghanistan to put his skills to more artistic endeavours and create the 'Angel of Kandahar':

"Nearly everyone knows what the 'Angel of the North' looks like and have probably passed it going up or down the A1, so it seemed an ideal and recognisable subject," Corporal Leighton said.

"We spent our off duty time in the evening cleaning and welding the parts together; it finally took shape and a base was also manufactured from scrap to prevent the work from blowing over in inclement weather of which we've had a bit recently."

- May no soldier go unloved