Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things to Read, Watch or Listen To

No Souls Lost - Online Chaplain

This morning I was talking to one of the soldiers from the TOC. I asked him, "Was it a good night?" He responded, "What do you mean?" I quickly added, "Did anyone die in the AO (area of operation)?"

"Did I have a good day?", used to mean other things: no conflict with co-workers, no conflict with spouse, and just a general well-being about things. You know a kind of "Don’t worry, be happy," day. Nothing stressed you out. It was calm - a good day. Not any more the stakes are higher.

Iraqi Artists Spruce Up Baghdad

BAGHDAD - It was something you don't see everyday on the streets of Baghdad, a man squatting on the sidewalk, earnestly dipping a brush into yellow paint, then sweeping it onto a concrete wall.

Preparing for the Worst

One of the last papers I am preparing for my ILE-CC is a plan to put a Battalion that has just suffered some serious losses (including it's CO, XO, S-3 and CSM - I am supposed to write from the viewpoint of the CO) back on it's feet. A terrible and vital task, indeed.

The first thing that leapt to mind was S.L.A. Marshall's advice in Men Against Fire:

“When troops have been hard used in battle, and especially when green troops have taken heavy losses during their first engagement, talk itself is the easiest and most effective first step toward the re-establishing of a fighting morale.

Mudville Gazette Dawn Patrol

I Am A Ranger...I Do Not Fail

- May no soldier go unloved