Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Local Military News: Kansas and Missouri

As a follow up to our "local heroes" post, I thought our Angels would like to know about a Ft. Riley company that is making news internationally and across the internet.

In a two part series, Michael Yon highlights the activities of 1-4 Cavalry out of Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Desires of the Heart I

Gunshots ring out at three in the morning as I write these first sentences. Gunshots, providing muse and meter for this dispatch home to America. Gunshots, three of them. The war is close.

All of the more than one hundred photos in this dispatch were taken in proximity to the three main structures visible in this photo. In the left background, smokestacks bellow columns of soot into the air. In the middle is the Church, amazingly unscathed in the middle of a war zone, and slightly to the right of that, in the background, is a minaret the enemy has used as a fighting position.

This shooting perch appears in numerous photos in the series, and in the photos where it cannot be seen, it’s always close. The 1-4 Cavalry from Fort Riley, Kansas, likely will spend the next year—and probably more—in proximity to the cross, the minaret and the smokestacks.

Read it, see the pictures and learn what our men are doing in al Qanoon to secure Baghdad.

Desires of the Heart II

Our new plan in Iraq involves our soldiers getting out more with the Iraqi people. A first test of its viability comes as a group of soldiers set out to meet their neighbors.

Don't forget, Soldiers' Angels will be talking with some great local heroes on May 4th when we join Bob Calvert and Talking With Heroes in Olathe Kansas.

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