Friday, May 18, 2007

Thunder Run Correspondent in the Sand Box: The Hug

Thunder Run Correspondent says that he is "dusted in" due to a sand storm so he has a few moments to write another dispatch:

I think we’ve all had that sixth sense that something is missing. You may be walking in the woods and realize that there is something different. The birds have stopped chirping, or there is a lack of background noise. Well, I just realized that I’ve been here for several days now, and I have heard very few complaints.

Now I have an honorable discharge from the Navy and an honorable discharge from the Army. I can say that I have heard a wide spectrum of truly unique and creative complaints. I’ve heard people who would win gold in world class complaining. We used to have a saying in the Navy that if the bitching stops, prepare for a mutiny.

The secret weapon in today’s arsenal against complaining is - (drumroll please) “The Hug.” It is also known as “Da Hug.” I’ve seen it once.

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- May no soldier go unloved