Saturday, May 05, 2007

Talking With Heroes: I Was There and Got an Exclusive

Hey! Missed everyone last night at the "talking with heroes" event down in Olathe, Kansas. It was wonderful to meet all of the great heroes, families and supporters. Bob Calvert was a little under the weather, but he pulled through like the trooper he is and made it a fantastic experience.

I will post more about the event and, of course, I have video which will be available in the next day or two.

One big "exclusive" that I was able to pull off was an interview with David Chavaria who is the "behind the scenes" man at JD Johannes' Outside the Wire. David is the co-producer of Johannes' documentary "Outside the Wire" where he followed the expoits of the Marines of Silver Platoon in OIF-III. JD is over in Iraq right now doing video.

David was scheduled to do an interview on Hannity and Colmes at 8:40pm CST Friday night, but I scooped them by two hours. And, they don't have their video up yet for the internet so, while they may beaten me "on air" by six hours, I am going to get out there ahead of the internet curve.

Even before the interview, David and I spent some time talking about blogging, JD Johansens' committment to the Marines and telling their story, and quite a bit about the disparity of reporting in the media (we both agreed it "sucked"; my words, he was much more diplamatic).

I hope you enjoy this video, check out their site and start understanding why military blogging (milblogging) and independent films like Outside the Wire are an important part of the story, filling in the gaps left by professional journalism.

Watch JD's blog for updates directly from Iraq and hit his home page to see an excerpt of the original documentary, "Outside the Wire". I've seen the full version and I highly recommend it.

Check out these stories about the marines in Bad Karmah.

Troops on Patrol
Iraq town returns to normal after raid

These men are a big part of the reason that the Al Anbar province is beginning to turn. It took persistance. It took patience. It took extreme prejudice when it was called on and plenty of improvising, adapting and overcoming. The Marines are some of the best, when it comes to those necessities.

Karmah, where the marines in outside the wire were serving, is a town between Ramadi and Fallujah, two of the hottest (in terms of war) cities in Iraq for the last three years. It is only recently that Ramadi began to turn. Karmah continued to be a tough town full of insurgents and generally unenthused about the marines presence. JD showed what it took to make al Anbar a success story, long before anyone ever thought it would be.

Outside the Wire was fortunate enough to be there to record part of that history.

- May no soldier go unloved