Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thunder Run Correspondent in the Sand Box: Your Support Is Important

Update from Thunder Run's Correspondent.

On his experience with our soldiers:

One of my first escorts was a young kid (just a boy really) who came down with the Kuwaiti Krud, so they assigned us T. She's a petite soldier from North Carolina. I tested her, a little, by asking when she had been to the range, to which she replied, "Well, we're going again Thursday." That's one tough lady.

During one of our stops, I stepped out of our SUV to snap a picture. I guess I forgot where the Hell I was, because I moved off the road to get a better shot. Then I moved closer to the object to get an even better shot. When I turned around I almost ran into her. She was like my shadow, and had been covering me the whole time. I apologized to her for acting like a frickin' tourist.

On your support for our troops:

I've heard from several people that your blog is - and I quote: "a breath of fresh air." Whether you realize the full impact or not, you are doing a tremendous job for morale. We need what you provide. On a larger scale, your readers need to do what they do best. Whether it is to support the troops with mail or donating computers, or whatever it is - IT IS WORKING!!

That's right, regardless of what the television is saying, it is working! So don't stop! Many years ago, an old gray sergeant once told me, "Damn it soldier, don't fix it if it ain't broken." Truer words were never spoken.

I know it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks (and I'm an old dog). There was a time when we were young, and thought that we were immortal. We were what you call door kickers. Now it is time for NEXT GEN. Tell your readers this ... You want to do something this very moment? You want to do something that makes all the difference? Take a knee and pray for our troops. They deserve it.

- May no soldier go unloved