Friday, May 18, 2007

LTC Patrick Turner Update from Iraq May 16th

Providing packages and support for Iraqis and CMOC (civil military operations):

From time to time, SoldiersAngels volunteers ask me what to send to us here for the Iraqi children and so forth. Note the email below that answers the questions you may have on this:

A cohort of mine, Captain Sheila Corcoran is a Team Chief for what is known as a Civil Military Operations Center ( CMOC ). A CMOC's mission is to serve a community at large. Her particular CMOC has, as part of their mission, a health care clinic and assist in finding "displaced persons"( these are people that have been separated from their families for one reason or another).

During a visit, I asked her what are the items that she needs the most that would benefit the community that she serves.

Here are the items the she requests in this order:

1) School supplies such as pencils, "Big Chief" tablets, erasers, etc...

2) Books in Arabic please, remember where we are. Hopefully your book stores will assist in finding them for you. Consider asking a local Mosque for help.

3) baby formula

4) diapers

5) baby wipes

6) Children & Adult vitamins

7) Children's clothes ( all sizes)

When purchasing these items please be "culturally sensitive" remember, our intent is to put an "Iraqi face" on what we do. No squirt guns, anything that looks like a weapon or a gun is not compatible with our mission here. Let's not get an American Soldier hurt accidentally.

I noticed, but forgot to ask, that there were no TOYS in evidence that they are asking for so cease fire on those.

LTC Patrick Turner
Camp Liberty

If you would like to support the CMOC and LTC Patrick Turner's project, please drop me an email at kehenry1_at_hotmail_dot_com for his contact info.

- May no soldier go unloved